11 most powerful natural aphrodisiacs

We all know at least a few foods that are notorious for their special properties, whether we heard about it in jokes from moms and grandmothers or if we read about it from more reliable sources. There is food that is more effective aphrodisiac for women, as well as food that is better as aphrodisiac for men. If you want to stir up passion for a relationship or just love to experiment, this is the place for you! Here are 11 Most Powerful Natural Aphrodisiacs that are so effective and well-known that we can call them universal natural aphrodisiacs:

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Chocolate is the king of natural aphrodisiacs, it contains psychoactive substances worthy of feeling good. It stimulates the secretion of dopamine, which prolongs the duration of orgasm. Casanova is thought to have consumed chocolate before his love pursuits. It contains tryptophan, a natural “love” drug that stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and the phenylethylamine substance from chocolate stimulates the release of the same endorphins that are released during sex, thus increasing attraction among partners.

Studies have shown that women who eat dark chocolate daily have a much easier orgasm than women who avoid it. Cocoa also contains arginine also known as “natural Viagra”. Arginine is an amino acid that creates a sense of sexual arousal, enhances blood flow to the sexual organs and relaxes the muscles.