Your hair can reveal a lot about your health, such as whether you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid hormone imbalance, or stress. Hair can detect if you are missing certain nutrients, if you have a hormonal disorder, are you under too much stress and other health problems.

Hair is important to us for several reasons. It is part of our physical appearance and makes us who we are, but it also stores important information about our health. The appearance of the hair and scalp may indicate some health problems. Here are eight things your hair may be trying to tell you.

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8 things your hair reveals about your health
Bowl of Vegetable Salad and Fruits

Hair loss is normal, experts estimate that we lose up to a hundred hairs a day, but more than that could be due to an unbalanced, low calorie and/or vegan diet.

Lack of iron, as well as A, B12 and/or D vitamins, and protein can sample increased hair loss.

Dry scalp, combined with constantly dry hair without shine, can indicate insufficient intake of healthy fatty acids. Extremely fragile, brittle and weak hair may have to do with zinc and/or iron deficiency in the body.

Balance your diet, increase your intake of foods rich in specific micronutrients and macronutrients, or take a dietary supplement. Improvements in hair appearance can be seen in two to three months.