Your hair can reveal a lot about your health, such as whether you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid hormone imbalance, or stress. Hair can detect if you are missing certain nutrients, if you have a hormonal disorder, are you under too much stress and other health problems.

Hair is important to us for several reasons. It is part of our physical appearance and makes us who we are, but it also stores important information about our health. The appearance of the hair and scalp may indicate some health problems. Here are eight things your hair may be trying to tell you.

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2Thyroid hormone imbalance

One of the roles of the thyroid gland is to regulate various bodily functions, such as metabolism. An inactive or overactive gland can affect the normal cycle of hair growth and increased hair loss over a longer period. If you suspect that your hair is falling due to thyroid hormone imbalance (you will probably have some more symptoms), eliminate your suspicion by testing the TSH hormone level in your blood. By treating hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, that is, restoring hormones to balance, hair loss stops.