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Fitness isn’t just a plan you embark on, along with a diet, to lose weight. It’s a lifelong love of movement that will help you maintain good health and the physique you want. We cover various areas of fitness. All articles are based on scientific evidence, written and fact-checked by experts. We strive to be objective and honest, and present both sides of an argument.

Doctor palpates the knee of a patient

Running after knee replacement

Over the years, there have been improvements in surgical approaches, equipment, endoprosthesis design, and the materials from which they are built. There is evidence...
What causes nausea after working out

What causes nausea after working out and how to stop it?

After a hard workout, we are all familiar with the feeling of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. But have you ever felt nauseous...
How to avoid overtraining

How to avoid overtraining

Have you ever experienced like you have not just stopped getting results but also have lost progress towards fitness aims? You can be the...
Functional movement training

Functional movement training

The training of "movements" not "muscles" basically is functional movement training. Functional movement training prepares your muscles to work collectively. It stimulates them for...
What is fat fasting

What is fat fasting?

Today it can be hard to keep track with all the trendy diets like low-carb, keto, and intermittent fasting. It can also be hard...
How to overcome running fatigue

How to overcome running fatigue

If you are a runner, you probably think that the harder you train, the faster you will get. This may be true in some...
Man doing crossfit exercise with battle ropes indoor

Is CrossFit good for weight loss

In a world where fitness, nutrition, and dieting becomes an everyday for a lot of people, it is important to engage in the right...
3 days split workout

The best 3 day split workouts

Although working out every day may activate your body’s energy levels, it might not be the best idea among all. This is why many people...
Full body workout

Full body workout

I've prepared a full body workout just for you! And you know what? It is fun and different than your regular everyday exercises. Do you...
Woman in leggings facing her buttocks

30-minute booty workout

Let’s talk about your bum. This booty workout isn’t only designed to get that butt sculpted and toned for summer! Read below to find...
Total core home workout

30-minute total core workout at home

Get ready to sweat! We've prepared a 30-minute total core home workout just for you! This FUNctional workout is designed for all levels. Modify with simplified...
woman sleeping

How much sleep do you need to lose weight?

Many people have heard that sleep is important when losing weight, so they wonder: "how much sleep do I need to lose weight?" There is...

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