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Full body workout

I’ve prepared a full body workout just for you! And you know what? It is fun and different than your regular everyday exercises.

Do you get bored with your workouts?

Same. That’s why I’m always changing it up for myself and my clients! Not only is this good to keeping seeing gains but it keeps you interested and keeps you having fun and excited about fitness!

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Why and how to change workout routines?

First, our bodies are always adapting because they were meant to be efficient. Changing things up keeps our bodies improving because we are always trying to adapt so if you’re changing it up consistently, your body is consistently learning new exercises, working harder and improving.

Reason two is so we don’t overuse and injure our muscles. When you perform the same movements repeatedly you are more likely to get what is called a repetitive strain injury. By mixing up your workouts and exercise schedule you give those overused muscles, joints and ligaments a chance to recover.

Believe it or not, changing it up with new routines also helps keep your brain healthy. Just like learning new skills keeps your mind sharp, so does learning and practicing new exercises. Pick challenging and new workouts that will keep you engaged instead of reverting to auto pilot.

Last but not least, one of the biggest reasons I change up my client’s routines and my own is to break through weight loss plateaus. Remember when I said your body becomes efficient when you do the same activity over and over? This adaptation means that our bodies eventually burn fewer calories for the same exercise but when you switch things up, your body must work harder as it adjusts, meaning you’ll start burning more calories again as your body attempts to adjust.

All this being said, be careful not to change it up too much so you can still track your progress, train your mind and your muscles, and be able to see that you are reaching your goals through improvement. I recommend changing it up every four to six weeks. Try out these fun and challenging full body workout below for a burn!

Let’s do this!

Both circuits will consist of 5 exercises. By the end, you will have completed 3 sets of each circuit. You will perform each exercise for 30 sec and rest for 10 to 15 seconds in between each exercise, 20 seconds of rest between each set and 60 seconds between the circuits.

You only need to use bodyweight alone for each exercise and it will be difficult enough but if you have weights and would like to make it harder, grab them now and get ready to push yourself hard today!

If you are using the suggested times, the workout alone should take you a little less than a half hour to complete. However, be sure to add on a warm-up of targeted dynamic movements of about 5 minutes and about a 10-minute cool-down.

Circuit 1

Invisible ball slams

Squat step backs

Extended knee drive

Kneel to squats

Chameleon to plank

Circuit 2

Knee drive with twist

Hip thrust to reverse table

Back extensions

Quad press

Three-legged plank into spiderman plank

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