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Here you can find various topics and articles related to health and well-being. We cover various areas of medicine so you can find information on various diseases and conditions, including tips on how to stay healthy or improve your health. All articles are based on scientific evidence, written and fact-checked by experts. We strive to be objective and honest, and present both sides of an argument.

Doctor palpates the knee of a patient

Running after knee replacement

Over the years, there have been improvements in surgical approaches, equipment, endoprosthesis design, and the materials from which they are built. There is evidence...
How to treat chronic fatigue syndrome

How to treat chronic fatigue syndrome

You feel tired, overworked, that is, you can't rest at all. These may be symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In this article, we are...
Types of kidney transplant

Types of kidney transplants

In this article, we will explain everything about types of kidney transplants that you should know if you need to go for kidney treatment....
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome

Temporomandibular disorders include disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles and accompanying structures. The most common symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome are...
How to improve mental health

How to improve mental health?

Mental health disorders are as much a health problem as physical health disorders. That is why it is important to know how to maintain...
The 5 most common sleeping disorders

The 5 most common sleeping disorders

Experiencing difficulty resting is generally revealed all through the world. As indicated by the American Sleep Association (AMA), the most common sleeping disorders presently...
Everything You Should Know About Cholesterol

Everything You Should Know About Cholesterol

Having problems with high cholesterol? Are you in a dilemma when to see a doctor, do you need medication or is it just enough...

Osteoporosis – causes, symptoms and treatment

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by reduced bone mass and disturbed microarchitecture of bones. This results in increased bone fragility and increased risk...
8 Foods That Can Lower Blood Cholesterol

8 foods that can lower blood cholesterol

Cholesterol is a complex molecule, a product of human and animal metabolism. It is an integral part of the cell membrane and steroid hormones,...
The importance of oral health as a factor in general health

The importance of oral health as a factor in general health

Nowadays, the media is overwhelming us with information on nutrition, exercise, maintaining the best possible form and healthy lifestyle. But have you ever considered...
5 Beverages For Natural Liver Cleansing

5 beverages for natural liver cleansing

The liver is our largest internal organ. We probably don't even think about it often, but the liver works for us every moment of...
8 Powerful Foods For Fighting Migraines

8 powerful foods for fighting migraines

Migraine is that horrible guest who shows up at the worst times completely unannounced. If you have experienced his visit yourself, you know how...

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