How does pollution affect your skin

There are many things in this world that affect the skin in this modern world. One of those things is the pollution of the earth. It is hard to escape pollution when you live in a populous area. Environmental aggressors, such as pollution, affect the skin in many ways, more than meets the naked eye. That is why protecting yourself against pollution and making sure you are combating it as much as you can is essential. Pollution can affect and generate free radicals on the skin, face, neck and body. Free radicals are highly affective radicals that affect the skin in different ways. They are highly unstable molecules that react with other components.

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How pollution affects your skin in multiple ways?

It can enter your skin and negatively affect it. People who already have underlying issues that no nothing about pollution can be more at risk than other people whose skin issues are more visible. Underlying issues have more than one reason of forming and it can happen for multiple reasons at a time. Your skin cells get damaged and that can lead to premature aging.

Why our skin is a natural barrier?

Skin as a natural barrier

Our skin is a natural barrier and can protect us from external factors. It acts as a barriers in many ways and makes your skin as strong as it can be. However, there some somethings such as pollution that get deep into the layers of the skin and harm it even further. Even though our skin is made up of different factors; it is not completely impenetrable. Pollution hurts your skins barrier functions and breaks down the collagen. There are also lipids contained within your skin and that can be hurt because of the pollution surrounding you.

The skin is the biggest organ in the body

Our skin is the biggest organ in the body. The environmental factors play and huge role in how our skin looks, acts and behaves throughout the course of our life. That is why people that live in the suburban areas where not that much pollution is happening have better skin. Rather than the people that live in busy high populated and pollution areas that affects their skin.

  • UV rays
  • Hot Water
  • Hot Weather
  • Cold Weather
  • Gasses
  • Smoke

All of the above factors affect the skin in different ways. No ones skin is damage free and it is always prone to breakouts and more. However, these factors are the reasons why most peoples skin never fully heals and keeps breaking out.

What can pollution cause in skin?

Pollution can lead the skin to breakouts and more. The way our skin is it is hard for it to combat severe environmental factors. A breakout or pimple as people say can happen for multiple reasons. One of those main reasons is the fact that the environmental factors are not helping your skin in any way back or forth. Pollution affect the skin, it is damaging it, and not just the upper layer of the skin. The deep layer within your skin is being damaged and hurt every single time you step out of the house or even when you are asleep. Breakouts happen when your pores are clogged, and your skin cannot breathe.

Skin cancer can happen for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that the unseen factor is pollution. Pollution is harmful for your skin, which in return can make it lead to a form of skin cancer. There are different types of skin cancers In the world and one of them can form from the pollution areas in which you live, work or travel in. Air pollution is a main concern for many dermatologist and many warn against travelling in a pollution area of sort. Skin cancer can happen because of the UV rays and because of the harmful lights or sun rays that come down on the earth. That is why using sunscreen and making sure you are fully protected is one thing to look into.

How to protect your skin from pollution?

There are many ways to combat the affect of pollution and make it less harmful on your skin. One of those ways is applying sunscreen on a daily basis; even in the winter. It is not only made for the sun however, it is made for any UV rays; which means lights, sun rays and more. Sunscreen have SPF in it and that protects you against the rays of anything that can harm the skin.

Skin nourishment is essential to stop the effect of pollution

Woman with a towel on head looking in the mirror and nourishing the skin

Nourishing your skin and making it work for you is essential in your daily life. It should be a no brainer in that moisturizing your skin will help combat aging and premature aging. You age, it is a process of life. However, sometimes the harmful affects that the world has can cause premature aging. So instead of making that happen, combat is by fully nourishing your skin throughout the day and night. Use a highly intensifies nourishing moisturizer and make sure that it suits your skin type.

Detoxify your skin for unclogged pores

Detoxifying your skin for unclogged pores is essential in making your problematic skin work for you. It will help in evening out the skin and making sure nothing is missing from your daily routine. Unclogging your pores can lead to having a fresh and clean look. Allowing your skin to breathe and not letting excess sebum enter the skin. People who have oily skin mostly get clogged pores because of the amount of oil they have. However, using a detoxifying mask or scrub is one way to combat it.


In this article, we have discussed the ways that pollution can affect your skin and make it worse for wear. That is why having the right tips and tricks to help combat any skin-related issues that you have. You need to fight pollution and you can only do that if you have a daily routine of some sort. Without the daily routine, your pores and skin health will deteriorate unnecessarily.

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