Triund trek

There are a few trek courses that exist in Himachal Pradesh where Triund Trek is one of the most wonderful of them. This trek course exists between the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar go.

The strength of this trek is that it is reasonable for a wide range of people of various age gatherings. It is charming by the learner just as by master trekkers. In the wake of trekking as you arrive at the top there you will see a brilliant perspective on Kangra Valley and of Dhauladhar run under the unmistakable blue sky.

Another strength of this trek is that it doesn’t end here on the off chance that any need to investigate this zone progressively, at that point there is Indrahar trek course started from that point through Lahesh Caves.

Camp at the Triund will be the most stunning experience. From your tent, you will see all the shades of dawn and nightfall and in the late evening stargazing will be the most stunning which you have never experienced.

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Day 1: Arrival at Mcleodganj

Triund trek

After a medium-term venture, reach Mcleodganj. As you reach there, register at the inn and have some rest. Subsequent to preparing, have your morning meal and investigate the excellent modest community arranged in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh.

It is additionally called Little Lhasa because of the living of an enormous Buddhist populace with the world-popular Buddhist Saint Dalai Lama.

There are different spots to visit in and around Mcleodganj like St. John’s Church, Bhagsu Waterfalls, Tsug La Khang and some more. After the entire day’s investigation, make the most of your supper and remain.

Day 2: Mcleodganj to Triund

Triund trek

Get up promptly toward the beginning of the day, eat and prepare for the trekking with all your trekking gears. The trekking will begin from Dharamkot which is a little town close to Mcleodganj.

You will encounter the picturesque perspectives on the timberland and furthermore experience the Pinewood tree, Oak Trees, and Rhododendrons. As you arrive at the top you will be flabbergasted and hypnotized by observing the wonderful snow clad Dhauladhar mountains and entire Kangra valley from the tallness.

Presently registration at the campground and be prepared for the brilliant dusk. It is ensured that this sort of nightfall you have never experienced. Presently appreciate the night with supper and stargazing.

Day 3: Triund to Mcleodganj

Triund trek

In the early morning wakeup right on time before the sun and experience the most lovely dawn. As the sun begins to transcend the Dhauladhar mountains it will do magic on each guest.

In the wake of encountering this enchantment of the sun, eat and prepare to go to Mcleodganj. At the point when you reach there, take some lay and board on the transport for your continuous excursion with sweet recollections.

Step by step instructions to Reach

By Road

To reach Mcleodganj it is the best alternative to reach there by street. Mcleodganj is very much associated with Delhi and Chandigarh by street transportation. There are different transports i.e government just as private runs from that point. So through the medium-term venture, you will reach there. Separation between Mcleodganj to Chandigarh is 250 km and among Delhi and Mcleodganj is 500 km.

Via Train

The closest railroad station is Pathankot which is 92km away from the Mcleodganj. Outside the railroad station there you will locate a private/government transport or contract a private taxi to reach there.

Via Air

Gaggal air terminal is the closest air terminal to the Mcleodganj which is very much associated with different air terminals by means of Delhi. From the air terminal, you can procure a traveler taxi to arrive at the goal.

Things to Carry

  • Water Bottle
  • Great Quality Thermo Flask 
  • Quality Woolen Wears
  • Woolen Socks
  • Fine Quality Trekking Shoes
  • Trekking Gears
  • Camping bed
  • Grant/License for Trekking
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • Camera
  • Additional Batteries for Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Lip Balm
  • Shades
  • Rucksack
  • Driven Flashlights
  • Character Cards given by the Government of India
  • Emergency treatment Kit
  • General Medicine Kit
  • Individual Toiletries
  • Little Garbage Collection Bags
  • Warning
  • Try not to litter
  • Try not to include in any movement which is against the biological system.
  • Get all the grants before beginning the Trekking a day earlier.
  • Appropriately discard the trash.
  • Make a decent attempt at contentions with your partners.
  • On the off chance that you face any issue with respect to trekking and wellbeing, at that point tell your group head right away
  • Try not to utilize any sort of lethal synthetic compounds like medications during the outing it might lead you in genuine trouble.
  • Conveying weapons isn’t permitted.
  • Show your id-verification to power on the off chance that they inquire.
  • Try not to ridicule any strict conviction.

This is the most astounding trek and the fundamental fascination of this trek is watching and encountering the most delightful dawn and nightfall.

This trek course is one of the favors by the compelling force of nature showered upon us so it is our duty to be careful of this significant blessing. With just a single exertion this is conceivable that is: ” Responsible Traveling”.

This is the most ideal approach to monitor nature. Our reality is subject to nature. So one thing we should keep in our psyche is that in the event that planet earth is sheltered, at that point we will be protected.

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