Arm blaster guide benefits alternative

Arm Blaster: golden era equipment – Complete guide, benefits, alternative

Arm blaster are used from old-school time No matter how much you work out on those arms with all the exercises, drop sets, and weights...
Self myofascial release tools

Best self-myofascial release tools to vanish your pain

Myofascial release tools are emerging a lot and have gained popularity in terms of their effectiveness and ease of usability. These tools are pretty affordable...
Upper chest workout routine

Unique upper chest workout routine for mass

Upper chest workout for muscle growth Tried all the upper chest workouts? working out to build an upper chest is the hardest part of getting...
Chest and triceps workout for mass

Chest and triceps workout for mass – Results in 4 weeks

Chest and triceps complement each other These two muscle groups are the most productive and complement each other; tricep is a secondary muscle group worked...
Dumbbell chest exercises without bench

5 dumbbell chest exercises without bench

Chest day is everyone’s favorite, all the dudes humping onto that barbell bench press with those heavyweight plates on it and chanting yeah? That’s...
How to do dips at home with and without equipment

How to do dips at home with and without equipment – For chest and...

Doing dips at home is no big deal if you know the equipment you need and the precautions you need to take, so don’t hurt yourself up. Many...
IASTM tools

IASTM tools – Complete guide and benefits

IASTM tools are used to treat tissue immobility or any soft tissue dysfunction, it leads to a lot of benefits in the therapy of skin,...
Post inguinal hernia surgery

Post inguinal hernia surgery – Recovery, exercises, do’s & don’ts

After you are successfully done with inguinal hernia surgery, you can live your life back normally, right? But before you jump right onto your...




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