Knee pain while squatting

Knee pain when squatting – Causes and prevention

The knee joint is one of the heaviest joints in the human body. It is subjected to the greatest load, so there...
Anti pollution skincare

Anti-pollution skincare

In recent years, the air has become increasingly polluted. This can not help but reflect on the strength and appearance of our...
Non laser tattoo removal

Non laser tattoo removal methods

Every man at different ages of his life also has different desires. As we age, we also change ourselves and our desires...
Two person holding drinking glasses

How does alcohol affect your weight?

Alcoholic beverages are obviously not a product that we will associate with a healthy diet and weight loss. Probably everyone knows about...
Jewelry allergy and hypoallergenic jewelry

Jewelry allergy and what metals are hypoallergenic?

Dermatitis is of different etymologies and types. The most common of these are food and seasonal allergies. However, there are also rare...
Doctor palpates the knee of a patient

Running after knee replacement

Over the years, there have been improvements in surgical approaches, equipment, endoprosthesis design, and the materials from which they are built. There...
How to treat chronic fatigue syndrome

How to treat chronic fatigue syndrome

You feel tired, overworked, that is, you can't rest at all. These may be symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In this article,...
What causes nausea after working out

What causes nausea after working out and how to stop it?

After a hard workout, we are all familiar with the feeling of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. But have you ever...




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